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Mika's Amateur Girl Blog: Nude Wife Photo

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Mika: A photo from the past, when I first started posting in 2010 to Voyeurweb. This was a Little Black Dress entry to the Tit Flash that ended up getting over 5.75 million views and by 2012 was at still at the top of the "Small Tits" category. Seems like so long ago!

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Jan. 14, 2019    502,407    8    165
Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Mika ( )



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"Hard to believe that I started posting photos flashing my breasts almost a decade ago. My breasts have gone from B cup to D cup since I first began posting in 2010!"


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Mika's Amateur Girl Blog

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flag as inappropriate ProfessorBill    Feb. 4, 2024VResident
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I keep coming back to VC and the internet to see your sexy body and hear your words about being a Japa cum slut.
You are one of the hottest women I have ever known and communicated with.
I especially love your breasts and your cunt.
I hope to keep seeing more of you.

flag as inappropriate foxhole    Jan. 14, 2019
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Great tits and so happy your still posting

flag as inappropriate swany    Jan. 14, 2019

you were hot af then, even hotter today!

flag as inappropriate herschel69    Jan. 14, 2019VResident

I recall that post! Most Lovely!

 Mika    Jan. 14, 2019
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Glad you still remember!

flag as inappropriate ddc    Jan. 14, 2019
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They looked really perky in that pic. They are still spectacular. Wish I could suck them...among other things....

 Mika    Jan. 14, 2019
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flag as inappropriate ddc    Jan. 14, 2019
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I love that you’re still a cum slut, sharing your hot body with others. I’d love to push my hard dick inside you...

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