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flag as inappropriate Clever1    Sept. 25, 2023
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Oh the profile pic. I wish I was next in line to recieve

 Mika    Oct. 22, 2023
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Thanks for the flattering comment!

flag as inappropriate Tilting at Windmills    Aug. 28, 2019
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Mika, you are so incredibly sexy looking. And your stories are so hot! Would love to chat privately - do you use WhatsApp?

flag as inappropriate ichi    Aug. 24, 2019

love love love so much you do mika. want to see all, experience all, feel all you experience. you are golden.

 Mika    Aug. 26, 2019
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Thanks for the compliments!

flag as inappropriate Rod    July 30, 2019
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So fucking hot

flag as inappropriate Bton Lad    July 6, 2019
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You have a stunning body. X

flag as inappropriate Toe Curler    July 4, 2019

Me and my Asian MILF slut wife would love to party with you guys. My wife said she would love to watch me pound you while your husband is fucking her from behind. Maybe even go to the swinger club we frequent for a wild night!!

 Mika    Aug. 18, 2019
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Where do you and your slutty wife go when you are out on the town?

flag as inappropriate Toe Curler    Aug. 23, 2019

Since we're in the Mid Atlantic area, we enjoy Tabu in Maryland. In Vegas we've been to The Green Door and Sea Mountain and one Hedonism Resort trip. Since she's basically the only Asian there, guys and gals flock to her to pleasure her all night long!! Love watching her take a pounding while I'm pounding away on some new pussy!!!

 Mika    Aug. 26, 2019
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Thanks for the recommendations!

flag as inappropriate Toe Curler    Aug. 29, 2019

If you're ever on the east coast, look us up! Would love to party with you guys!!

flag as inappropriate Higuy    March 9, 2019

Hi. It's Higuy? Remember me? You posted a pic of your offering those incredible breasts of yours to me after I had requested it. So glad to see you back. You have no idea how many times since then that I have cum thinking of you while looking at pictures or videos of you. You are still delicious!

flag as inappropriate Ricroc & Roxy,    Feb. 21, 2019
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Hi baby! Hot and sexy blog! We follow and hope u post more! Ooh baby! Roxy

flag as inappropriate jackin    Feb. 3, 2019VResident
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You are so fin hot

flag as inappropriate Luke69    Jan. 8, 2019
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Hi Mika, just found you on VC and i think you are extremely sexy. I loved the video of you in the threesome especially taking one in the ass - loved hearing your moans! You have amazing nipples and a wonderful attitude towards enjoying sex. Look forward to seeing more of you.

 Mika    Jan. 21, 2019
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Thanks, Luke69!

flag as inappropriate jackin    Feb. 17, 2018VResident
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You are fin sexy

flag as inappropriate Beavereater1    Dec. 30, 2016
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I love edging my big dick to your pics, you are a sexy fucking beast

flag as inappropriate bay city mi    Dec. 29, 2016
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I love your stories!

flag as inappropriateMirella    Aug. 3, 2016
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Passing by for a quick look and wishing you a great, sexy and FUN summer, Mirella xxx

flag as inappropriate tifone1    May 2, 2016
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sei estasiante vorrei essere li con te per leccarti bere tutti i tuoi umori e penetrarti ovunque. invece sono qui a masturbarmi guardando le foto di una donna ammaliante arrapante conturbante.
you are entrancing I will be there with you to lick and drink all your moods and penetrate you anywhere. instead I'm here to masturbate looking at pictures of a woman bewitching horny disturbing. 're ecstatic I will be there

flag as inappropriateAWiseman    Nov. 27, 2015

Welcome back. Don't know if you will remember me, but I posted back in 2012 under the name Higuy. Found you incredibly sexy then and you still are. You can reach me at awisemaniii@gmail.com

flag as inappropriate thepadrone69    June 5, 2015
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Mika I think should cum over and cook you guys dinner, you can lend a hand, or a mouth of you like, just reading your stories gets me so hard and gets my underwear all full of stains from my pree cum,and that's at work lol please tell me ur in TO. Anyways hope to meet 1 day keep up the great work

flag as inappropriate crushr    May 15, 2015

Hi Mika love your work keep it up. May be a pussy shot please
thank you

flag as inappropriate adrian l.    April 26, 2015
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Mika!! You have really amazing boobs, I can never get enough of them! I love your fantastic shaped body, I love your skin, I love your sweet hot holes...I will be your fan!!

flag as inappropriate Franziska    April 3, 2015
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phaloe3 Yahoo.de

flag as inappropriate AsianSunshine    March 17, 2015
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Love you very beautiful threesome video.... I have a lot of threesomes myself with my hubby also and I can indeed recommend to everybody... X Sun

flag as inappropriate G Star    Feb. 27, 2015

Loving watching your nipples being worked over......they get soooo long! More!!!! X

flag as inappropriate Grace    Feb. 26, 2015
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Your newest follower!!!!


 Mika    Feb. 27, 2015
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Loved this post of yours--

--it inspired me to post the video of me on the toilet too! Thanks for sharing...

flag as inappropriate Grace    April 8, 2015
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No problem.. How cool would it be if we could do pics or a video together!!!!

flag as inappropriate socdog    Feb. 25, 2015
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Love your new vids and the story's as well

flag as inappropriate Canadian_crow    Feb. 23, 2015
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Love your posts..... Keep having fun

flag as inappropriate Bignico    Feb. 22, 2015
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I just absolutely love stroking my cock to your posts! Every single thing you post makes my cock rock hard!!

 Mika    Feb. 23, 2015
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Thanks for letting me know!

flag as inappropriate Suckmedry    Feb. 17, 2015

Wow, that last shot just makes me want to crawl on top of you, suck and nipple those nipples, stroke that sweet pussy, then go from there......

flag as inappropriate Lee    Feb. 14, 2015
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You are beautiful and so sexy. Love a woman that enjoys sucking a nice thick long hard cock. Where are you from? Would love to see some video of you taking a cock in that sweet pussy. thanks for sharing!!!

flag as inappropriateANALatam    Feb. 6, 2015

I wish I had those beautiful large breasts

flag as inappropriatephillippner1962    Feb. 1, 2015

love to give your bum one

flag as inappropriate in awe    Jan. 30, 2015

Stunning new video. Watching your lovely tits bounce made me feel like I was there enjoying your charms!!!

flag as inappropriateExela    Jan. 24, 2015
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Hi, Mika.
I like a lot your blog and now I'm your follower.
Good luck!


flag as inappropriate Robbie    Jan. 12, 2015
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Thanks for the jumping vids certainly hope you didn't hurt those lovely breasts of yours. The vid showed that you were obviously excited, those ling hard nipple of yours came out to play. Just a suggestion but I'd like to see you play with other parts of your bod. Maybe let your fingers do the walking threw some of the wettest parts. You are such a beautiful woman it's no wonder the photographer abandoned his ethics and pleasured you!!

flag as inappropriate Andrij    Jan. 11, 2015VResident
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I have just watched your lactating vídeo again. I would love to watch you pee too ...

flag as inappropriate Andrij    Jan. 11, 2015VResident
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Hello Mika,
It is wonderfuul to see your gorgeous , sexy body again and it would be great to share some fantasies if you would enjoy that ..


flag as inappropriate petmozx & Mrs. Marple    Jan. 1, 2015
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So great to see you back!! And some really hot pics you have provided... and video clips.... makes me think that mrs. M and I should do a few video clips ourselves and post here!

Can you receive and respond to private messages??

 Mika    Jan. 3, 2015
VCity Userpic

Can receive private messages but can't send them (but if you send your email address in a PM, I can respond by email...)
Thanks for the supportive message...

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Jan. 1, 2015VResident
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I'd like to wish you and Hubby a wonderfully happy, safe and prosperous New Year...and a sexy one also...

 Mika    Jan. 3, 2015
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Thanks, Jammer! And best wishes to you too for a happy and sexy new year!

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Jan. 3, 2015VResident
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flag as inappropriate BadGirl    Dec. 31, 2014

visit my new blog and follow

i follw you

flag as inappropriate socdog    Dec. 30, 2014
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Mika you are outstanding love your pics and vids love to see u in Vancouver you are a ten wow!!!

 Mika    Jan. 1, 2015
VCity Userpic

a fellow Vancouverite! Maybe you'll recognize me on the street someday when we're passing each other...? ;-)

flag as inappropriate Mark    Dec. 30, 2014
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Holy Shit.....You are Incredible!!

flag as inappropriate magimoon1948    Dec. 28, 2014

you are one beautiful woman!!! would love to see your beautiful face!!!

flag as inappropriate StratGuy    Dec. 27, 2014

Hi Mika. I get so hard watching you. Love to hear from you again... stratguy241@gmail.com

flag as inappropriate StratGuy    Dec. 26, 2014

Wow! It is so great to see you again!!!

flag as inappropriate hellomamma    Dec. 19, 2014
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You my dear are a goddess you get my cock hard and throbbing in an instant!!!

flag as inappropriate Andrij    Nov. 30, 2014VResident
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Its great to see you and your gorgeous sexy body again.

flag as inappropriate Bignico    Nov. 29, 2014
VCity Userpic

I have been stroking my cock to you for years... I am so happy you're back!! You are exquisite.

 Mika    Nov. 30, 2014
VCity Userpic

thank you! I'm happy to be back. ;-)

flag as inappropriate Jim    Nov. 23, 2014

Happy to see you

flag as inappropriateTongueCockPierced    Nov. 22, 2014

I'd love to have you licking, sucking, and deep throating my long, thick, pierced cock and I'd use my pierced tongue on your long, thick nipples, and your cunt and clit until you cum, then use my cock in you doggy style while spanking your ass.

flag as inappropriateCanGal    Nov. 21, 2014

Welcome back, fellow Canadian! You are stunningly beautiful and so sexy! Love your blog!

flag as inappropriate lookin    Nov. 20, 2014

post some sweet pussy

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Nov. 19, 2014VResident
VCity Userpic

Welcome back Mika, you were one of the most beautiful women on the old VW site, and one of my favorites. It's great to see you returning to us with these awesome pics and videos. Scanning your blog, I see the reason for your hiatus and for the increase in your bra size. You and hubby have my sincere congratulations.

If you need any help finding your way around the site, or with anything at all, please just ask...I'll do what I can.

flag as inappropriate jsn    Nov. 19, 2014
VCity Userpic

you are very sexy id love to take that body for a test ride!!!!

flag as inappropriate sirlazy    Nov. 18, 2014
VCity Userpic

You are a super sexy lady.. thanks for sharing looking forward to see lots more of your sexy ass.

flag as inappropriate Zev    Nov. 18, 2014

Thank you very much for the blog feedback! I just checked out your pictures and I have to say you are a stunningly beautiful girl! XOXOX, Zev.

flag as inappropriate mjgoblue    Nov. 17, 2014VResident

sexy lady, love those tits and your videos, more please, mj

flag as inappropriate Follet & Elisa    Nov. 17, 2014
VCity Userpic

Wow. Delicious blog.Now we follow you.

flag as inappropriate hellomamma    Nov. 17, 2014
VCity Userpic

You just made me cum so hard ;)

flag as inappropriate G Star    Nov. 17, 2014

Love those nips Mika......especially when they're spraying! Great to see you again.....keep pulling them for us! Gx

flag as inappropriate bema    Nov. 17, 2014
VCity Userpic

Just discovered your beautiful blog! You have a new follower now! :-)

flag as inappropriate mickstick    Nov. 16, 2014VResident
VCity Userpic

Great sexy blog, super photos, you've just gained a new follower thanks for sharing

flag as inappropriateGoshawk    Nov. 16, 2014
VCity Userpic

Thanks to you.
A pleasure to see your beauty in the pics.

flag as inappropriate gc    Nov. 16, 2014

amazing......welcome xxx

flag as inappropriateGoshawk    Nov. 16, 2014
VCity Userpic

Simply amazing, really amazing.
Thanks for share.

flag as inappropriate Skinnyman    Nov. 15, 2014
VCity Userpic

I am your follower ;-)

flag as inappropriate burro69    Nov. 13, 2014

Welcome back Sweetie

What a beautiful tits and hard nips you have
But your smile is so nice, so innocent so HOT

THX for sharing
I follow now

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    Nov. 13, 2014
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I remember those gorgeous tits........glad your back!!!!!! Would love to cum get naked with you and have some naughty fun!!!!!

flag as inappropriate Rod    Nov. 13, 2014
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Following. Fucking gorgeous! !

flag as inappropriate blurdragon51    Nov. 13, 2014

Beautiful! Please keep posting.

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